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Indian Trade Classification (HS)

Indian Trade Classification based on Harmonised Commodity Description and Coding System for reporting trade statistics brought out by DGCI&S does not serve the need properly to provide classification number for a product, because no indexing mechanism has been provided to point on to the commodities and their classification numbers covered in the document.


The care of indexing and search has been taken by this module.It facilitates determination of product classification code.


The module has query mechanism where maximum 4 keywords in combination can be given to find out ITC-HS code for any Product. The Section notes and Chapter notes are also provided with each Chapter.

Subscription Charges - Rs.500/-p.a.
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Daily Export Data
Daily Import Data
Impex Ready Reckoner Data
Monthly Foreign Trade Statistics of India based on 8 digit ITC-HS(Data available from 1987 till date)
Indian Trade Classification(HS)

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